About Us


Ashford Baptist Church Music Group provides a pool of worshipping singers and musicians who make up worship bands for corporate
worship in Sunday morning and evening services. From time to time, the group supports other events and organisations.

We love to worship God. He is the Lord! He is worthy of all praise! He is amazing in his greatness, love, faithfulness and acts of power, grace and mercy to us. We feel compelled to respond selflessly in worship and service with our whole life, our whole heart. This is what we were created for!

God has blessed us with gifts, musical talents and a love of using music and song to express our praise and worship and to help us develop our relationship with Him.

We believe God wants us to serve Him to the best of our ability in the Music Group so that, with the Holy Spirit’s leading, we can encourage others in their worship and discipleship

Our aim is to bring glory and honour to the Lord. We serve Him and His church by providing music to encourage the church in Christ-centred praise, worship and adoration. Together, we sing of His amazing character and actions. As we worship, we want to be open to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. In response, we express our love and commitment to Him through song and
through our whole lives.

ABC Creative Arts Working Team

We aim to glorify God and further the vision and mission of Ashford Baptist Church by


 Praying for …

   Activating the church towards participation in…


 Innovation and development in …


 Serving …
   Encouraging …


... the creative arts ministries of the church.

The group meets three times a year to discuss and pray about current needs and to seek God’s guidance on the development of projects, events and ministries.

Events planned by the group have included 'Walking With Sheep' (an alternative look at the Christmas story), the children’s Christmas musical ‘Mission Possible’, ‘Saturday Night Live’ (an evening of entertainment for the church family) and special services involving additional music, drama and multimedia.

Projects have included the ‘6 Days of Creation’ photographic/art display and the Bible text colouring competition.

We aim to support ministries including the worship bands, the multimedia team and the P.A. team.

We are currently looking for new members with fresh ideas for reaching those who don’t have a relationship with God and for encouraging the church in its worship of God. Members do not have to be involved in existing ministries.